2Degrees Network: Could shale oil take off in the UK?

According to a recent report from Citigroup, for the first time since 1949, the US has become a net petroleum product-exporting country and has overtaken Russia as the world’s largest refined petroleum exporter.
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The Independent: Be nice and you’ll be happy

I’m going to be extra nice today. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not normally an uncaring person, just occasionally self-absorbed or simply too busy to think about others.
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2Degrees Network: If Willy Wonka did paper recycling…

If Willy Wonka did paper recycling, he’d probably build something like the Steinbeis mill.
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Times supplement: Ageing power lines need makeover

The advent of large-scale renewable energy capacity in the UK has come just as the country’s transmission and distribution network needs a complete overhaul.
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Guardian online: Innovative urban planning in Singapore

Cities present a sustainability conundrum: though they are the most efficient way to provide infrastructure and services for large populations, they are, in absolute terms, incredibly inefficient.
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Guardian online: Plan to build UK’s first building entirely out of waste

The UK’s first building to be made onsite entirely out of waste is to be built in Brighton this autumn.
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2Degrees Network: Cities must get smart or lose out to their competitors

Cities make up just 2% of the Earth’s surface but consume about 75% of its resources.
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2Degrees Network: London to become smart city centre

Anyone who visited the Excel Centre to watch Olympic and Paralympic events via the Emirates Air Line cable cars would have noticed a new, sleek futuristic building beneath them as they swept over the Thames to alight on its northern bank. Read more »

Times supplement: Cutting carbon boosts bottom line

For some companies, creating and implementing a low-carbon strategy comes under the bracket of a nice-to-have rather than a must-have. Read more »

Times supplement: Crunch time for carbon reporting

The argument over whether companies should be made to report on their environmental performance or not has been rumbling on between business and government, one way and another, for more than a decade. Read more »

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