Times supplement: Inching towards the 21st century

British energy policy is once more on the move. In 2006, the then Labour government set up an energy review, which was a much needed, comprehensive overhaul of policy.
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Guardian Sustainable Business: Making water from air

Advertising is everywhere. Some people enjoy it; others find it an insidious attempt by brands to brainwash us into consuming more.
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Guardian Sustainable Business: How Levi’s is turning plastic into fashion

“These jeans are made of garbage,” the clothing tag on a pair of Levi’s WasteLess denims proudly proclaims.
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Times supplement: Farmers must face new world order

Three major trends have characterised agricultural and fisheries trade over the past decade.
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Times supplement: Food supply must not cost the earth

The importance of agriculture can’t be overstated: it not only keeps the world’s population alive, it is also the single largest employer in the world, providing a livelihood for 40 per cent of the planet’s population. Read more »

Guardian Sustainable Business: Co-operation is crucial to combat water scarcity

Today is World Water Day, and with 2013 declared the international year of water cooperation by the UN, focus on this vulnerable resource is more intense than ever.
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Guardian Sustainable Business: Is total transparency a sound business strategy?

In the heart of Cornwall, a business experiment is under way. Start-up company Keebunga, which currently sells T-shirts and beach slings online and is about to launch a waterproof key case, has decided to become one of the most transparent companies in the world.
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Guardian Sustainable Business: New global water risk maps launched

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner may well prove prophetic: “Water, water, every where / And all the boards did shrink / Water, water, everywhere / Nor any drop to drink.”
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Guardian Sustainable Business: Emotionally durable design

We’ve all done it: as soon as something we own looks slightly tatty or unfashionable, it goes in the bin or the recycling.
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2Degrees Network: Can SMES do great things on small budgets?

While huge companies dominate business media coverage, it is SMEs that make up a majority of the global business sector.
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